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Halloween Party Tablescape

Who’s looking for a new Halloween tablescape idea?! As you probably already know, I love decorating for parties. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I can remember being in 6th grade and inviting my cousins over for a Halloween party. I ended up baking desserts and decorating a table. We had Richard Scary books, scary music, and all kinds of fun food and desserts. It’s so funny to think that, many moons later, I am still trying my hand at decorating fa-BOO-less tablescapes. ;) 

What I love about this Halloween decorated table is that it’s great for all ages – it’s not too scary for the kids, and it’s not too cutesy for the adults, a win-win! Totally my season of life right now!


With just a few fake spiders, a tablecloth, and some balloons, you can completely transform the entire look of your Halloween table. You definitely won’t be breaking the bank, as you can gather most of these items from the dollar store! Adding decor always gets me in the true holiday spirit, and Halloween is no different. Even just writing about it is getting me excited!!

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