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Kid’s Valentine’s Party

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and love is definitely in the air! If you’re looking for some fun and easy Valentine’s Day party ideas, dessert ideas, or just a fun way to decorate, this is for you!

pink tablescape

Valentine’s Day Party

Valentine’s Day has always been my favorite holiday. I just love seeing all the fun new candy jars, place mats, plates, cake stands and the list goes on. Who’s with me? Doesn’t the color combo of pink, red, and white make you so happy?! This year we kept things pretty simple and easily attainable. I wanted to celebrate with Charlie and Claire, because spending time with them and making memories is what is most important! So, we threw a little party for them to get the celebration started early, and they loved it! Just the simplest touches can make for such a fun party right in your own dining room!

party sign
pink balloons

Valentines Day Ideas

It’s super easy to set up a table that will not only be perfect for the occasion, but memorable for everyone! If you know me, you know how much I LOVE Target and Pottery Barn. Seriously, I go to these stores each time I need anything for parties, get-togethers, or just for decorations around the house! For the Valentine’s Day party, I was able to get fun candy jars from Target’s Bullseye Playground and fill them with all of our favorites. I LOVE having a candy jar filled with goodies. They are super decorative and help me sneak a quick treat. ;) I also got plenty of pink heart-shaped balloons to really get the party started!

sweets in jar
heart plates

Valentine’s Day Décor

A few simple touches can really make a party! I seriously love Valentine’s Day, because you get to celebrate the love you have for one another and make moments magical! For almost every holiday, I hang up a fun garland. Garland is not only great for pictures, but will make the entire room more festive. I got my ‘Be Mine’ garland from Pottery Barn Kids this year and absolutely LOVE it!

holding heart plates
heart tablescape
holding heart plates

Valentine’s Tablescape

No party is complete without a fun tablescape! Setting up a Valentine’s table is SUPER easy, and you’ll only need a few things to complete it. First, find your favorite festive tablecloth (I used red gingham) and pair it with a Heart Table Runner. (Mine was from Pottery Barn Kids). I found these Opal House Plates at Target and have been obsessed! You can get different sizes and colors for a layered look. On each plate, put a DIY place card for each of your kids’ names. All you need for these is just some paper and a pen. These simple items can make your table look so much more special!
vanilla cupcakes

Easy Desserts

All of the desserts didn’t take long at all to make! Most of the desserts were halfway homemade, so they were easy and quick to make. I love recipes like these because I am in the kitchen less and with my kids more! For our party, we got store-bought cupcakes and added out favorite Valentine’s sprinkles! We also got store-made brownies and frosted them ourselves. Charlie loved the brownies – he even asked me if he can make them for his classroom party!

pink cards


Easy Valentine’s Party Game

We had SO much fun playing this easy Valentine’s Day game with the kids. And the best part? It was SO easy to put together! I hid sweet compliments in each of the envelopes. And some of the envelopes even had coupons for trips to the library, the playground or coupons to go out to ice cream! The kids had so much fun taking turns to pick their envelopes from the wall, collecting sweet notes and rewards to use later on!

be mine banner

Valentine’s Day Fun

My kids love being festive each holiday, so I knew we had to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a party! I feel grateful I get to celebrate my family so much, but I think Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! All the decorations were super easy to put together, and all the treats were easy to make. Which means I get to spend a lot of time with my kids and making all the memories we can. What do you think will be the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day party? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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