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Reindeer Brownies

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a favorite in our house, so we had to make him a brownie as well! These reindeer brownies will be the perfect addition to any class party or dinner, and they will be the easiest recipe of the season!

reindeer brownies
Holiday Brownies

After wrapping up the best Thanksgiving ever, it’s time to really get into the holiday swing of things! I hope you had the best Thanksgiving with your family and friends. But with the close of Thanksgiving it means the holidays are fast approaching, and I am SO excited for Christmas this year. I love everything about the Christmas holiday. From decorating the tree, to putting up lights, to buying everyone gifts, it really is one of my favorite times of year! Over the past few years we’ve had so much fun with new traditions with Charlie and Claire and this is absolutely one of our new favorites!

m&m on brownie

Holiday Desserts

The holidays can get too crazy with all of the parties and dinners, and sometimes you just need an easy but festive dessert. One of my favorite dessert recipes is actually one of the EASIEST to make, and it is honestly the quickest idea ever for the holidays. Seriously, these reindeer brownies do not take long at all, and they are SUPER cute. Charlie loved bringing them in to his class party last year because they were so delicious and so festive. Everyone went wild for them and I couldn’t wait to share the idea with you!

chocolate brownies

How to Make Christmas Brownies

All you will need for these reindeer brownies are brownies, candy eyes, red M&M’S, and pretzels, plus frosting or melted chocolate to act as “glue”.  You can either frost the brownies and put the eyes, nose, and antlers on the face, or you can use melted chocolate to put all the pieces on. I like using melted chocolate because it is less messy and makes the reindeer look neater! For the brownies, you can either use store-bought brownies, a box mix, or make your own from scratch. Whichever way you choose, they will still be the cutest desserts!

pretzels on brownies   google eyes on brownies   reminder brownies

Easy Holiday Recipes

First, put some chocolate in a small cup and melt it in the microwave. This chocolate will act like the glue when assembling the face. Dip the bottom of the pretzels into the chocolate and add them to the top of a brownie. Next, dip the bottom of the eyes into the chocolate and put them below the antlers.

m&ms in bowl   reminder brownies
Next, get a red M&M and dip it in the chocolate, then put the nose below the two eyes. Then, take a knife and round out the bottom edges of the brownie so the face looks more like a reindeer. Now you have a festive reindeer ready for any party!

m&m on brownie

Christmas Desserts

Christmas is coming up quicker than I realized, and there are so many holiday parties to get ready for! This recipe is a quick and SUPER easy way to bring a festive dessert to any holiday event you are going to. I know the kids love bringing the reindeer to school parties, and they love it even more when they help create them! They are not super hard to create, which I also love because I can have more time to spend with the kids, or trying to squeeze in some holiday shopping. ;) What holiday event do you think these brownies would be perfect for? I’d love to hear about it below!


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