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Reindeer Pudding Cups

Looking for the easiest holiday recipe ever? The perfect classroom party treat? These holiday pudding cups will be decked out and ready for the holidays in no time!

reindeer pudding cups

Holiday Season

Is it just me or has this year gone by so quickly?! It feels like yesterday when we were ringing in the New Year and creating our resolutions on what we wanted to accomplish this year. I feel like we have done so much this year, and now we are in the season to celebrate and be grateful for it all! I love the Christmas season because you get to spend it with everyone who has made this year so special and make more memories that will last a lifetime. Since we are getting into the Christmas season, it feels like our house is becoming Santa’s workshop! Who’s with me?!  We are getting all of our Christmas decorations up, and I am pulling out all of the holiday recipes! I love looking back at past recipes because they become an inspiration for new Christmas desserts. I mean, there is no such thing as too many holiday treats!

reindeer pudding desserts

Easy Holiday Dessert Recipe

This season, I have been trying to find new recipes that will not only be a great addition to any party but is something the kids can make themselves! I love being able to include them on recipes, and this season Charlie and Claire have both told me they want to make the snacks they bring in for the holiday parties at school! So fun!

red candy nose

Holiday Party Treats

This recipe for reindeer cups is the perfect addition to those school parties, for the kids to make for their friends or a quiet movie night at home where you want a quick and festive treat. The reindeer cups are also super easy to make and will only take a few steps to put together!

snack packs

candy canes in a bowl

How to Make Holiday Pudding Cups

All you need for this recipe is pudding cups, mini candy canes, gum drops, icing, and candy eyes. The icing acts like glue and will keep the candy from falling, and it’s edible so you can eat the eyes and nose! It only takes a few minutes to put the cups together, so you aren’t spending too much time in the kitchen and away from entertaining. It is also an easy last-minute recipe for when your kids don’t tell you about the upcoming holiday party until the night before. Who can relate?! ;)

mini candy canes

mini candy canes


chocolate pudding

candy canes in chocolate pudding cups

Decorated Pudding Cups

First, peel off the lids of the pudding cups and put two mini candy canes in the top corners of the cup. Then, put the icing on the back of the gumdrops and the candy eyes, and put them on the front of the cup so it resembles a face. Put the decorated cups on a tray and they are ready to be served!

Making Holiday Memories

Christmas trees, candy canes, and magic are what this season is all about. I love being able to create things that not only bring joy to me, but to those around me. You don’t need to be the best baker or chef to create wonderful dishes in your home. It is all about the quality time and the effort you put into each dish! It means so much when Charlie and Claire get into the holiday spirit, since I love holidays so much and want everyone to enjoy them as much as I do. Doing these simple recipes mean I get to make memories with them and do something I love, which is such a win-win! I hope this recipe is an inspiration for your holiday season, and you all enjoy them as much as we do! What other easy recipes do you make for class parties at school? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below! Happy Holidays!

reindeer pudding cups

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