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Santa Pancakes

Ready for the easiest holiday breakfast recipe ever? Make these Santa Pancakes with the kids for a festive breakfast!

blueberries on pancakes

Holiday Recipes

We love the holiday season in this house. It’s the best time of year as we celebrate one another and create amazing memories. There are so many holiday parties, dinners, and events, and sometimes it’s nice to just have a quiet morning at home with the family. This is why I wanted to start a new (and small) tradition in the Johnson house! If you know me, you know I love starting new traditions, and this year we decided to take a morning to make Santa pancakes and write letters to Santa! Have you ever done this with your kids?! Charlie and Claire LOVED the morning we had, and they keep asking for this recipe over and over again. So fun! This is hands down one of my new favorite holiday recipes, and I’m so excited to share it with you!


Homemade Pancakes

Having an easy breakfast with the kids is so important in our house. We love being able to sit down together and enjoy each other’s company. Charlie and Claire also wanted to take time to write their letters to Santa, so I wanted to make a special morning of it! This super simple pancake recipe is perfect for an easy morning to kick off the holiday season, or to get extra festive and write letters to Santa like we did! Make a party out of it!

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Your kids will LOVE this recipe, and you will love it because it is healthy with all of the added fruit! It is my sneaky way of making something special but healthy, so I don’t feel bad giving the kids so many sweets this holiday season. ;)

fruit on pancakes

Christmas Recipes

For this recipe, you will need pancakes, 4 sliced bananas, 4 blueberries, 8 strawberries sliced in half, and 2 raspberries. This recipe will make 2 Santa pancakes. They’re super easy and I usually have all of these ingredients in the fridge! It’s that simple!

bananas in a bowl
bananas on pancakes

How to make Santa Pancakes

To make these Santa pancakes, first start by making your pancakes with whatever batter you like. Then slice the strawberries in half, and slice the bananas into thin slices. When the pancakes are all cooked, put the bananas on to make Santa’s hair and beard. Then arrange the strawberries to make Santa’s hat. Use another slice of banana for the end of his hat. Use two blueberries for his eyes, and a raspberry for his nose. You can make it more fun with whipped cream if you wanted as well!

bananas on pancakes

Christmas Pancakes

In my house, every moment can be made special. So I love to take a little extra time to make mornings memorable!These Santa pancakes will be the perfect addition to any holiday morning, or for a special day like we made! I love this pancake recipe because it includes fruit, and the kids love it because it has Santa on it! Doing little things like this make everyday much more special, and this is such a simple way to add extra fun to your morning! When do you think you’ll make these Santa pancakes? Let me know in the comments below!

santa pancakes

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