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Back to School Note Paper Cake


Back to school season is in full swing. While the school supply aisles have been crowded with eager students, I have been busy coming up with different ways to reinvent traditional school treats for our partnership with Sprinkles and Grins, a website brought to you by Betty Crocker & Cake Mate. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some of my favorite back to school treats as well as telling you about a great way for you to get involved with Back to School Bake Off!

Back to school always comes with a classroom supply list. Usually on that list is the request for a great deal of notebook paper. Whether it’s for your child to practice writing their name or your high school student to write a five paragraph essay, notebook paper is always around the classroom. This year surprise your child’s class with this back to school Note Paper Cake. It’s so simple to make, and the cute design will have your kids wanting to write notes to their classmates before cutting a slice.

You will need: 

  • One white cake mix baked as directed in a 13×8 pan
  • White Cake Mate Bakery Icing
  • Blue Cake Mate Bakery Icing
  • Cake Mate Writing Tip
  • Heart Shaped Sprinkles.



Once cool, ice entire cake with White Cake Mate Bakery Icing.

Attach your Cake Mate Writing Tip to pouch of Blue Cake Mate Bakery Icing.

Pipe horizontal lines of blue icing across the cake + 1 line of icing vertical to resemble notebook paper.

Add 3 heart sprinkles to the left side to imitate hole punches.


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  1. Wow! This recipe looks very tasty and creative! I’d really like to make it for my little sister. She very much loves sweets, and at the same time very hate school. I think that such a delicious cake would help her a little better attitude to school :)
    I think that many parents this recipe will be very interesting, as this cake is interesting to cook with children, in order to develop their creativity and love to read or write. Thank you very much for sharing such wonderful recipes! I hope you continue to make this positive content :)

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