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Valentine’s Day Brownies

Looking for easy desserts for kids to make or searching for Valentine’s Day desserts? Then this recipe is just for you! 

heart gummies

Celebrating Valentine’s Day

The countdown is officially on! Valentine’s Day is one of our absolute favorite holidays because we love celebrating with everyone! It seriously is the sweetest holiday! The kids love celebrating it because they’re able to celebrate with all of their friends at school, and I, of course, love making things with all of the fun colors that come with it. Raise your hand if you love pink, white, and red like me! ;) Every year we like to make something that the kids can help with and that they can take to school, and these brownies are the perfect addition to their parties!

chocolate brownies

Easy Desserts for Kids

These brownies do not take long at all! Seriously, they are super easy to make and they are so cute. This is the perfect dessert for your kids to make for their classrooms to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s the easiest way to let them help decorate without all of the mess. And they’ll be ready in no time at all! 


Easy Brownie Recipe

You can either make the brownies from scratch, or you can buy store made brownies. All you need for this recipe is brownies, candy hearts, and your favorite frosting. It’s that easy! 

chocolate brownies
frosting brownies
gummy heart

Decorating Brownies

To make these easy Valentine’s Brownies, spread frosting on the top of each of your brownies. Then, add the candy on top. So simple! Plus, since this is the easiest recipe to make with the kids, it makes it even more fun! 


Easy Valentine’s Desserts

My kids love bringing in festive desserts for the holidays. Sometimes I don’t have much time to create something elaborate, which is why I love this recipe! It’s super easy, and the kids can help decorate the brownies in whatever way they’d like! Use this idea for Valentine’s Day or make them for any other occasion by swapping out the candy. So fun! What are you making for Valentine’s Day this year? Tell me all about your plans in the comments below! 

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