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Valentine’s Day Punch

Planning a Valentine’s Day Party and need a great drink recipe? This Valentine’s Day Punch is so easy – it’s ready in just minutes!

pink punch

Party Punch Recipe

Raise your hand if you LOVE celebrating Valentine’s Day like I do! Valentine’s is one of my absolute favorite holidays and it’s right around the corner. Have you started planning?! It’s a day to gather with all the people you love in your life and celebrate them! I always love getting together with my girlfriends around this time to have a little Galentine’s get-together, and I always make a festive drink recipe. I don’t get to see them often, so when we have the chance to get together, I love to be celebrating! Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day with your husband, kids, girlfriends, or the whole family, this party punch is the perfect addition to the celebration. The gorgeous color of the punch is such a fun addition to your table, it tastes so good, and it’s ready in just two minutes!

pink punch

Valentine’s Day Drinks

This recipe literally only requires three ingredients, and it’s not only just good for Galentine’s. It’s such a fun and festive color that it’s good for any Valentine’s Day celebrating from parties with your friends, co-workers, or even your kids’ classrooms – any occasion to celebrate. Plus, it’s so easy that the kids can help make it too!

valentines pink punch

Easy Punch Recipe

All you need for this party punch is a 2 Liter bottle of Sprite or 7UP, a bottle of Hawaiian Punch, and raspberry sherbet ice cream. Seriously just three ingredients! Of course, the red Hawaiian Punch is the star in this recipe for Valentine’s Day, but it could be swapped for another color if you’re planning a punch for another celebration! 

pouring soda

pouring drinks in bowl

scoops of ice cream in bowl

How to Make Punch

Grab your very favorite punch bowl, pour in the Sprite or 7UP and add in the Hawaiian Punch. This will make for such a fun color! Then, add 6-8 big scoops of the sherbet into the punch. The sherbet will take a few minutes to melt, and then the punch is ready to serve! 

valentines punch

Easy Valentine’s Recipes

I LOVE being able to celebrate the people in my life, and Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays for this reason! I get to celebrate all the love I have for those special in my life, and what better way to do that than a party! This party punch is great because there is enough to go around for everyone at the party, and the color puts you right in the festive spirit! What get together this Valentine’s Day do you think this punch would be perfect for? Let me know in the comments below! 

Valentine's Day Punch

pink punch
Planning a Valentine's Day Party and need a great drink recipe? This Valentine's Day Punch is so easy - it's ready in just minutes!


  • 1 two Liter bottle of Sprite or 7UP soda
  • 1 Bottle Red Hawaiian Punch
  • Raspberry Sherbet Ice Cream


  • Add the bottle of Sprite or 7UP to your favorite punch bowl.
  • Pour in the Hawaiian Punch.
  • Add in 6-8 big scoops of the sherbet. Let the sherbet melt for a few minutes, and then serve!

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