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4th of July Snow Cone Cupcakes


These festive Snow Cone Cupcakes are sure to steal the show at your 4th of July party. With their summertime appeal, these cupcakes may receive more compliments from your guests than the fireworks show!

Although these may look complicated, you will be surprised at how simple they are to make. All it takes is a baked cupcake placed in a snow cone cup, an ice cream scoop filled with icing, and a handful or two of sprinkles. Insert a straw, and these show-stopping treats are sure to shine.

These cupcakes look identical to snow cones, a classic summer treat. I used Cake Mate’s red icing and red sprinkles for these festive desserts, but the decorating possibilities are endless.

Speaking of endless possibilities,I am thrilled to announce that Best Friends For Frosting has officially teamed up with Sprinkles and Grins to collaborate on a great upcoming project. Sprinkles and Grins was created on the basis of fun, whether it be with baking projects, decorating, or pumpkin carving. The company devotes itself to families having fun in the kitchen, celebrating every special occasion to its fullest. Some of the brands under the Sprinkles and Grins name include Betty Crocker, Cake Mate, PAAS, Popcorn Expressions, and Pumpkin Masters.

Sprinkles and Grins, in collaboration with Best Friends For Frosting, will be launching a back to school themed dessert project calling upon the involvement of their fans. BFFF will call upon some of their favorite bloggers for help, as well as the participation of their readers. Stay tuned as we continue to announce more details!

Are you looking for more festive 4th of July desserts?  Check out these Patriotic Star Cut Out CakesPatriotic Sparkler Cake Pops which I created using Sprinkles & Grins products.  They are also posted LIVE on Sprinkles & Grins website.


 How To Make Snow Cone Cupcakes

You will need:


  • (6) 4 oz Styrofoam cups
  • ice cream scoop
  • 6 baked cupcakes
  • 5 cups of Red Cake Mate Icing
  • 2 containers of  Red Cake Mate Sugar Sprinkles
  • 6 straws


Remove the wrapper from your cupcake and place the cupcake inside a Styrofoam cup.


Place Cake Mate Icing in the freezer for approximately 15 minutes to stiffen.


After the icing becomes firm, place one scoop of icing on top of your cupcake.


Pour red sugar sprinkles into a small bowl. While holding the base of your cupcake over the bowl of sprinkles, gently roll the icing in the sprinkles until it is thoroughly coated. Be sure to pat the cupcake gently to make sure the sprinkles stick to the icing.


 Make sure your cupcake has more than enough sprinkles on it.  If you notice any bare spots, add more sprinkles.


 Insert your straw at a tilted angle and enjoy!

Photography by: Chantel Elder of Eleakis and Elder Photography

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  1. Very cute and I’m excited for the back to school project! My girls love to bake with me so this should be fun for us to do together =)

    1. That is fantastic. It would be great to have you apart of the contest. Please stay tuned for more details very soon. =)

  2. This is far from a great idea. They may look like nice decorations (they don’t) but that’s all’s all they’re really good for. I mean come on, it’s a ball of blended sugar literally topped with sugar. That’s freakin nasty. Not to mention that if I were at a summer party, saw these ‘sno cones,’ and took one only to find that it’s actually some dry cupcake topped with a spoonful of sugar, I’d be more disappointed than amused.

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