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Back To School Party Ideas

A back to school party is a must in our house! ;) Full disclosure: I always wanted to be a school teacher. I can remember playing school with my stuffed animals all the way back in kindergarten. I had a filing cabinet with folders for each of my stuffed animals. I would make homework assignments for them on my parent’s copy machine. I would “teach” and correct their homework. This went on until I was about in 3rd grade. LOL!


Our Back to School Party


Truth be told, I absolutely love the trend of celebrating back to school. I love school shopping for supplies, picking out the kid’s backpacks, packing school lunches, writing notes on napkins, shopping for the kid’s outfits, finding their first day of school signs… the whole 9 yards! ;) It almost feels like I am getting ready for Christmas. Every year, I surprise the kids with a back to school party. This year I quickly put together a cute little breakfast table to surprise the kids on the morning of school. I initially was not planning on taking any photos for the blog but it turned out so cute that I begged Andy to snap a few. ;)


Entertaining In The Moment

Full disclosure #2: I know a lot of our content on BFFF is filled with “perfect” photoshoots that are styled and staged. I am trying to keep it real a little more around here with our content these days. ;) This was a candid experience that turned into a photoshoot. I apologize in advance for some of the glares. These photos were meant for our personal photo album that I just couldn’t resist not sharing here. One of my favorite things about this blog is being able to look back on all the memories. I am so glad this will be included. I hope this inspires your next back to school party. Remember, entertaining does not have to be perfect and stressful.


Back To School Chalk Board Signs


I ended up getting these adorable back to school chalk board signs from the Target Dollar Bin for $5.00. My friend Caitlin did all of the hand lettering. I actually spent 4 hours calling around every Target location in Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, Loomis, Davis, Vacaville, and the list goes on. I finally found 3 of these sold old & discontinued signs at the Target in Rocklin. My in-laws live really close to that location so they picked the signs up for me.

Claire loves this pink gingham dress..


Pottery Barn Kids Backpacks


Charlie picked out his Pottery Barn Kids Backpack this year. He picked out the green monster backpack. I love how it glows in the dark. He also got the lunchbox attachment which clips on perfectly to his backpack.

How cute is Claire’s Pottery Barn Kid’s Backpack? I love being able to personalize the backpack with her name. I ended up getting her a pink rainbow backpack and she absolutely adores it!


Apple Chalk Board Signs


I found these red apple signs at the Target Dollar Bin for $3.00. I had my friend Caitlin do more hand lettering with chalk paint pens. I taped each sign on the back of each chair. I love how these came out.

I guess it’s time for me to put away the decorations until 2019! How did you all celebrate?

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