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Floral Tablescape

Are you ready to be totally impressed and inspired to host your own dinner party?! Well get ready because this impeccable celebration by Meredith Staggers, Owner of Cake & Confetti, will leave you wishing you were there to join in on the festivities! The bold color palette is feminine and fresh with accents that are both modern and rustic. Gold, pink and purple with touches of leafy greens and whimsical whites?! One word: WOW. Read on for more from Meredith on Cake & Confetti and this magical dinner:
“I’m a huge believer in surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded women and I’m so fortunate to have a great support system of creative ladies cheering me on through the ups and downs of owning a small business. When my event styling company, Cake & Confetti, turned two last month, I knew the occasion would be the perfect excuse to get everyone together for dinner and cocktails!
 I wanted the design of the dinner party to be a reflection of my company – bright, cheerful, and fun, so I stuck to pink and purple as the color palette and asked each girl to wear white. I loved the contrast of white outfits against the bright backdrop and florals.
I’m a huge DIY-er so when it comes to hosting a party, I love to add in a few handmade details. I marbled pink and purple molding clay together, cut them into hexagons and then baked before handing off to my talented friend Jenny, of A Fine Flourish, to add everyone’s names. The colorful backdrop was originally a white sheet that I dyed multiple times with different shades of fabric dye then wired a traditional greenery garland along the top to frame the table. I loved how it turned out and really transformed my backyard!
 As most people know, summertime in Texas can be uncomfortably hot so I wanted to keep the food menu light and refreshing. Most of the food and decor were prepped the day before so I could enjoy the party and not spend the whole evening in the kitchen. As the ladies arrived, we had grapefruit cocktails before sitting down at the table (borrowed from The Foundry). For dinner, I served roasted corn gazpacho, watermelon and heirloom tomato salad, mushroom flatbreads topped with arugula, and blackberry galettes with homemade lemon sorbet for dessert.
It was such a fun evening surrounded by girlfriends and toasting to Cake & Confetti’s future!”


​Styling, florals, food & location: Meredith @ Cake & Confetti // @cakeandconfetti
Calligraphy & Paper Goods: Jenny @ A Fine Flourish // @afineflourish; and Scarlet & Gold Shop
Table & Chairs: The Foundry // @rentthefoundry
Makeup: Brittany @ Butter Brush Artistry
Photography: Ailee @ Snapshots by Ailee Petrovic // @snapshotsandmythoughts
Gemstone Chocolate Truffle Favors: Jesi @ Dolce Designs

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