DIY Elegant Swan Banner

I am calling it – swans are the NEXT unicorns, and I am in-love! I have to admit, I just got a swan headband for Claire from H&M – true story! And we’re both obsessed! ;) Swans are so elegant and pretty! I’ve been dreaming up some ideas of fun swan-themed projects, and since banners are super quick and easy – ta daaa! – here’s a new, fun project. You wont believe this, but this ONLY costs $6 to make! I won’t tell you how much my shirt was though! ;)

I love how much banners dress up nurseries, dessert tables, parties – the options are limitless! I hope this inspires your next milestone or bash!

How To Make A DIY Swan Banner


-White construction paper
-Light pink paint
-Paint brush
-Gold sharpie
-Black sharpie
-Gold string
-Hot glue gun


  1. Using a swan template (we drew our own), trace your swan onto white construction paper 8 times and cut them out.
  2.  Trace 8 swan wings and cut out.
  3. Glue the wings onto each swan.
  4. Paint your swan beaks light pink and paint a gold line above the beak.
  5. Draw black eyelashes on your swans.
  6. Hot glue the top of your swans to your string.


Photography for Best Friends For Frosting by Jenn Bartell

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