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Gold Metallic Pumpkin Party Favors

gold pumpkin diy 2

We love all things cute and girly, these gilded pumpkins are no exception! For Melissa’s baby shower this past weekend she created the most adorable gold pumpkins with favor tags. Of course they turned out perfect, but would you expect anything less from her?! The cute pumpkins are perfect for a baby shower and even the holidays as place settings. The best part is, this project is almost effortless and is sure to impress your loved ones! To recreate these envy-worthy gilded pumpkins, check out Melissa’s tutorial below:

“I will be the first to admit that I am not a fan of gilding pumpkins… True story.  I initially tried to gild these pumpkins with Simple Leaf Gild. The gild was a total funky consistency that flaked off- reminding me of crackle nail polish circa 1999.   Does anyone else remember that stuff?!

This past week, I was in a bind to make 40 white pumpkins for my baby shower and as plan A failed, I rushed to Home Depot and picked up some  Gold Rust-Oleom Metallic Finish Spray Paint.  Not only was it SO much easier and time friendly but it turned out exactly as I had hoped.  Myself and a crew of 5 girlfriends (including my sweet friend Denay) were able to tape, spray paint and tie the funnest little bunny baby shower favor tags on top of the pumpkins within 1 1/2 hours.  I cannot wait to share more photos from my baby shower this past weekend.  Not only do these make amazing baby shower favors but they also make perfect decor accents for Thanksgiving and Halloween, or anything fall for that matter! I love the idea of using these as name tags too!”

diy pumpkin 34

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  1. Apply Painters tape covering the entire half of your pumpkin, including the bottom just to be extra safe the spray paint does not get on it.
  2. Using a knife or any sharp object, press in the tape in the crease of each pumpkin indent so that the spray paint does not drip below.  Rest assured, if the paint drips, nail polish + q-tips will help remove it but it is a little time consuming.
  3. Spray Gold Spray paint on stems and top exposed portion of the pumpkin.
  4. Set Pumpkins down on newspaper or cardboard to dry.  The spray paint should dry quickly.  I can assure you the Gold Rust-Oleom Metallic Finish Spray Paint I used dried nearly instantly.
  5. Using gold twine or a string of your choice, gently tie tags to the stem of each pumpkin.

Tutorial by: Melissa Johnson of Best Friends For Frosting

Photography by: Andy Johnson for Best Friends For Frosting

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