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DIY Ombre Pink Spray Painted Pineapples

One of my FAVORITE responses from our 2017 Survey was “Bring back your greatest hits.” Ever since reading this, our team has continued to keep this in mind during on content meetings! I know what you’re thinking! “Who would have known a blog could be such a business.” I am planning on putting together a post for you soon talking about how our team works. ;)

I remember so well when we were bringing a heavier amount of DIYs on to the blog, your response to this pink & gold spray painted pineapple was through the roof! And to see all the shares and comments on our Instagram and Pinterest, especially made it so validating that we were moving BFFF in the right direction!

These pineapples were inspired by my love for Lilly Pulitzer! These pineapples are vibrant and bold in so many fun shades of pink! Grab your favorite spray paint and make it a party! You wouldn’t believe how quick it takes to make your pineapples pop!

I hope some sunshine is finally coming your way as I’ve been noticing the seasons finally beginning to shift! I just love this time of year!

How To Make Ombre Spray Painted Pineapples


  • 3 pineapples
  • Hot Pink acrylic matte paint
  • White acrylic matte paint
  • Pink acrylic matte paint


  1. Mix your white and pink paint to create a light pink color.
  2. Use your paint brush to paint one pineapple light pink, one pink, and one hot pink. Each pineapple should need at least two coats of paint for full coverage.
  3. Let dry!

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  1. Is the paint non-toxic? Or are the pineapples no longer edible? Doesn’t this promote food waste.. not trying to be that person, sorry.

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