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Halloween at the Museum of Ice Cream

Looking for a fun Halloween activity for the kids in the San Francisco Bay area? Take them to the Museum of Ice Cream for their Nightmare before Pinkmas event! Just say sprinkle pool and we’re there! ;) We took a family drive out to San Francisco to see what the hype was all about.

pink sprinkled pool

Museum of Ice Cream

If you’ve never heard of the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco, well get ready! This is seriously the happiest place on Earth, next to Disneyland of course. ;) Last time I went to the Museum of Ice Cream, it was for a press night and I felt so guilty for not bringing the kids. Charlie has mentioned that sprinkle pool on a quarterly basis ever since, so I knew we would have to put it on our list to go! We live a little under 2 hours from San Francisco, so we jumped at the opportunity for the next press night – and kids were allowed! This was seriously SO much fun as a family! 

wearing cheetah sweater

The Museum of Ice Cream launched their Nightmare before Pinkmas this month, but it goes until November 4! We got to visit with the kids, and Kim from our team and her daughter joined us as well. We all had SO much fun!!

pink museum of ice cream sign

The museum was all ready for Halloween, but in the cutest way, celebrating with ‘Nightmare before Pinkmas’! Charlie and Claire are just as obsessed with Halloween as I always have been, so this was a real treat for them – pun intended. ;) They take you through a whole trick-or-treating journey, with so many fun stops along the way. 

green drinks

At the ice cream bar, there was someone behind the counter called “a swirler.” What made my day was that they had pumpkin spice ice cream on tap! Can you believe it?! So you know I had to try it out, and it is definitely one of my new favorite ice cream flavors! 

pink pool slide
colored sprinkle pool
pink pool
pink pool

Our favorite part hands down was the sprinkle pool. The only difference this year was that they used larger plastic sprinkles versus the small-refined pieces that looked like colored rice last time. Charlie and Claire loved going off the diving board and into the sprinkle pool! I know it definitely made Charlie’s day, since he’s been asking to come back for this for so long now.

rainbow sprinkles
colored sprinkles

We spent most of our time at the sprinkle pool, because who else can say they swam in sprinkles?!  

rainbow sprinkles
pink cookie

Charlie and Claire also got to take a picture on the pink candy elephant, and I even got to sneak a picture on it as well. 

pink pumpkins
pink pumpkins

There were pink pumpkins stacked everywhere for Halloween, so naturally we had to take pictures with them too! 

San Francisco Museum of Ice Cream

The Museum of Ice Cream is definitely a place literally out of my dreams. Pink everything, pumpkin spice, and Halloween – my favorite things! Whether it’s for a Halloween visit or a visit during the rest of the year, it’s so much fun! I seriously had a blast with the kids. I can’t tell who had more fun, them or me. ;) If you are in the area, you definitely have to check it out, it’s the sweetest trip!

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