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Ice Cream Social

Thank you Tillamook for sponsoring this post. Grab your friends and family and enjoy some ice cream together!

Looking for the perfect way to kick off summer and celebrate your family?! We’re talking about an ice cream party! Grab your favorite Tillamook ice cream and toppings and throw an ice cream social for an afternoon your kids will never forget! Thank you Tillamook for sponsoring this post. Grab your friends and family and enjoy some ice cream together!

Kickoff to Summer

Summertime is officially in full swing over here! Who’s with me?! Once Memorial Day weekend hits, we always consider it the official start of summer in our house. And summer in our house means so many opportunities to celebrate, and so many chances to have fun! Especially since Claire was in preschool this year, we want to make this a summer to remember, so we’re kicking off the sunny season with the perfect celebration as a family – an Ice Cream Social Party!

Ice Cream Party

Charlie and Claire absolutely LOVE going to the #sobestfriendsforfrosting vacation house. They light up every time I mention it. They have so much fun there! To kick off summer and make a splash, we set up an ice cream social party there to surprise them! We have so much to celebrate – between the kickoff to summer, hard work in school all year, completing so many home renovations, and kicking off more quality time with the family, this was the perfect reason to bust out the balloons and celebrate!

Ice Cream Social Ideas

Every year, we love to do some sort of kickoff to summer with the kids to make meaningful memories. It is so important to spend quality time with family, and summer can get busy! Especially with summer camps, parties, vacations, whatever, it can be hard to get everyone to slow down all in one spot. We’ve made it our tradition to do a summer kickoff party every year, and we’ll never look back! ;)

Ice Cream Sundae Toppings

Setting up the party is SO easy. All you need to do is grab a few containers of Tillamook ice cream and set up all of the fun toppings! Pick out toppings the kids will love, along with syrups, and don’t forget the whipped cream! Every time we do something like this, I like to put all of the toppings in small bowls to keep things mess-free! Seriously, this makes it SO easy to put out a ton of fun toppings, but with easy clean-up.

Ice Cream Sundaes

We grabbed a few different flavors of Tillamook Ice Cream from our local Raley’s because it’s so good! It’s made with extra cream, making it super smooth and creamy! And I always love it because of how high-quality it is! Each of their flavors of ice cream is made with the best milk from cows that aren’t treated with artificial growth hormones, and there’s no high fructose corn syrup. Every time we throw a party with ice cream, everyone always raves about it. Talk about a win-win!

Ice Cream Party Ideas

The kids had SO much fun celebrating with their ice cream sundaes, and they were floored that they could put any toppings on them they wanted- this time! ;) We spent the whole afternoon talking about summer vacations, or things we want to do this summer, and really spent quality time celebrating with the kids. Putting together a kickoff to summer party doesn’t have to be hard! Seriously, we put this all together in one trip to Raley’s, but we made memories as a family that would last a lifetime. What are your plans for kicking off the summer with a celebration?! I’d love to hear all about it!

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