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New Year’s Confetti Popper

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret – I am OBSESSED with New Year’s! It’s definitely pretty high up there on my list of favorite holidays and celebrations. I mean, when else is it perfectly acceptable to dress up in head to toe sequins? And when else is glitter pretty much a guaranteed part of everyone’s party décor?? I do of course encourage both of these things on the regular, though! ;) Decorations and fashion aside, I also LOVE what the New Year represents! Everyone can use a fresh start every now and then, and the New Year is just that. 365 brand new days for you to fill however you want. Shoot for the stars! It’s also such a great time to sit back and take some time to reflect on the past year!

Any New Year’s celebration (whether it’s a large party or a Netflix party of one!) definitely needs some confetti for when the clock strikes midnight,  and this DIY Confetti Popper is the perfect way to ring in the New Year! You guys are going to want to start making these now because I promise you, once you make one, you won’t be able to stop! They’re so much fun to make and seriously so easy. It’s sure to be the perfect festive addition to your evening!

new years confetti poppers

How To Make DIY Confetti Poppers


Plastic push-up popper
Sugar Paper LA wrapping paper
Step 1
Measure and cut the wrapping paper to fit inside the popper tube.
Step 2
Slide your paper inside the popper tube.
Step 3
Fill the popper with confetti and put the cap on.

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