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Pink Letter Board Cake

Pink letter board cakes and pink letter board DIY projects are ALL the rage right now! Whether I am scrolling in my Instagram feed or Pinterest feed, I come across a pink letter board popping out at me at least every 100 images! ;)  Earlier this summer, I shared how to make a DIY Pink Letter Board, and your response was HUGE, so I am back again with an exclusive collaboration with my friend Mui of Mui Sweets + Creations who lives right in my city within minutes away of my house!!

Let’s take a poll!! Are you tired of seeing letter boards everywhere yet? No? Me neither!! I’ve been totally obsessed with letter boards – especially the pink ones!  I’ve definitely spent a few nights searching for them on Pinterest and finding the cutest quotes to add to mine!! With all the fun I’ve had with it, I thought why not bring that fun to a cake?? When coming up with the concept to collaborate on a pink letter board cake, the first quote that popped into my mind was “I’d rather be watching Gilmore Girls” because who doesn’t like Gilmore Girls?! ;) Gilmore Girls and Pink Letter Boards are 2 of the hottest trends of 2017! Well deserving trends at that. ;)


With that idea in mind, I was so excited to team up with Mui Sweet Creations again! I knew she would be the perfect person to execute the idea flawlessly! And, I was just SO excited to eat some of her delicious cake again. ;) I’m still dreaming about those Pumpkin Spice Pumpkins!! This time she went for classic red velvet with strawberries, and let me tell you, it might just be the best red velvet cake I’ve ever had! I have actually NEVER had that cake combination (red velvet + strawberries), but it’s a match made in heaven. I loved her addition of the strawberries, and they tied in so well with the rich chocolate flavor. So good!! And can we just talk about how the cake turned out?? When she brought it over we all thought it was almost too cute to eat!! Almost…but let’s be totally honest, I couldn’t stop eating the cake – it’s that darn good! ;) I am not complaining.



What would your pink letter board say? Maybe I’ll make this a regular thing at BFFF!


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