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Watermelon Summer Party


Summer always reminds us of relaxing afternoons and evenings filled with friend and family hangouts, sweet drinks, and of course, the perfect juicy bite of watermelon. So we are obsessed with this watermelon themed party idea by Carly and Amanda of the Creative Journal! From cute cocktails to a picture-perfect jelly cake, there’s pink and green galore. Check out what the gals have to say below, and then read their instructions on making watermelon fondant toppers!

“If there is one fruit that screams ‘SUMMER!’ it has to be watermelon. So why not make it the theme of your next summer party, get together or excuse for a fun night with the girls?  Throw a few sweet treats together, a watermelon jelly layer cake (only for the brave!), add in a couple of Watermelon cocktails (how do Watermelon Mojitos or Watermelon Sangrias sound?!) and you have yourself a little summer soiree! And to help get you started… here are the step by step instructions on how to make Watermelon Fondant Toppers!”



Makes enough for 6 cookie toppers and 12 cupcake toppers

–750g White Fondant Icing (available from any cake decorating shop)

–Circle cutters in 3 graduating sizes, for shaping

–Gel food colors (Pink & Green)

–Corn starch

–Food safe black marker (available from any cake decorating shop)

–Non-stick mat

–Rolling pin

–Small brush



  1. Divide fondant into 3 even batches.
  2. Color 1 batch pink, 1 batch green and leave 1 batch white. Store in separate ziplock bags.
  3. Roll out your green fondant and using the largest of the 3 circle cutters cut 7 circles. Set aside.
  4. Roll out your white fondant and using the next size down circle cutter, cut 7 circles. Set aside.
  5. Roll out your pink fondant and using the smallest size circle cutter, cut 7 circles. Set aside.
  6. Using the small brush, lightly dab a tiny amount of water onto each green circle and layer a white circle on top. Press very lightly to make sure it has adhered.
  7. Wait a few minutes and repeat with the pink circles.
  8. Leave the layered circles to harden for a few minutes then cut in half.
  9. Set 6 halves aside for the cookie toppers.
  10. Cut 4 halves into 3 wedges each to make the cupcake toppers.
  11. 11. Leave all out to harden for a couple of hours, and once firm, draw on black dots for the watermelon seeds with the food safe black marker.




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