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Wedding Shower Party

Get ready everyone — wedding/party/shower season is here to stay! For me, it would not truly be summer if my schedule wasn’t overflowing with Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Weddings, backyard parties, outdoor brunches, and so many other fun events! The summer event season is always such a joyous time, where I get to celebrate so many wonderful occasions with friends and family. Being the total party planning addict that I am, this also means that I definitely find myself hosting one too many of these events throughout the summer! To successfully host so many events and people, without totally suffering party burnout, I do have a couple tricks up my sleeve though ;) A classic, elegant, and sweet dessert table is one of my favorite hosting tricks! My inspiration for this most recent dessert table comes from our BFFF contributor, Lauren of Going for Grace. This dessert table features Strawberry Creme Wafers, Floral Cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and gorgeous decorations for the perfect centerpiece for any summer event!


Creating A Dessert Table

Over the past year or so, dessert tables have definitely been gaining even more popularity in the party planning world. As they absolutely should! A dessert table is not only stunning, but wows your guests, and allows them to easily grab small treats and snacks throughout your event! Have you been thinking about creating your very own dessert table, but aren’t sure where to even start? If you’re stuck pinning inspiration for a dessert table and just aren’t sure how to proceed, then I’m your girl! I have tons of tips for how to create an amazing dessert table of your very own! :)


Choose A Theme For Your Dessert Table

Before you choose, bake, or buy anything for your dessert table, be sure to choose a theme. It may seem like an unnecessary step, but committing to a theme for your dessert table totally helps you focus on the items you need. A theme doesn’t have to be over the top creative though! You can do an entire dessert table in shades of pink or blue for a Baby Shower or you can design a Bridal Shower dessert table with the bride’s favorite flowers. It’s truly up to you! When I was pregnant with Claire for example, I put together a pink-themed baby shower complete with a pink inspired dessert table! That dessert table theme was totally perfect for me, but I’ve also helped friends with gold themes and even tropical themes too! Just pick a central idea, color, or theme that feels genuine and enjoyable. From there I promise the rest will easily come together!


Choose Sweet Treats For Your Dessert Table

This is always the fun step! ;) Once you’ve fully committed to a theme for your dessert table, you can start to plan the menu! My number one tip for putting together a dessert table is actually a big secret. Are you ready for it? Don’t make everything yourself! It is so, so, super easy to get rolling with planning out a dessert table and get completely swept up in big plans and ideas for allllll of the desserts. Trust me – I have been there! A proper dessert table should be covered in fun little surprises and sweet treats, but doing that all by yourself is overwhelming! You’ll only end up totally exhausted and with a kitchen covered in powdered sugar. (Although I guess there are worse things ;)) But there is NO shame in buying items for this dessert table! Work smarter, not harder! This dessert table is a perfect example! Lauren made this Strawberry Layer Cake with her favorite Strawberry Buttercream icing, but also featured some store-bought pizzelles. She also used one of her all-time favorite hostess tricks with the mini-cupcakes. Just take store-bought cupcakes and then add your own frosting and decorations on top. Small little tips like this will still let you create a gorgeous and delicious dessert table, without drowning in baking prep! :)


Pair The Perfect Drinks For A Dessert Table

When it comes to a summer dessert table, you definitely want to give your guests some hydration options! Of course you can add any beverages you like from soft drinks to cocktails, but my go-to beverage is sparkling water. I actually have some on my desk as I am typing this blog post. ;) In general, I absolutely recommend adding a variety of sparkling waters for your guests as a nice compliment to all of those sugary treats. Plus, options like this Elderflower Sparkling Water comes in beautiful bottles that seamlessly fit right on to the table. Your guests will definitely appreciate the refreshments and you’ll love the touch of elegance they add!


How To Decorate A Dessert Table

After everything is finally picked out and ready to go, you can get down to dessert business! Decorating your dessert table to look professionally arranged is actually fairly simple. The trick is to create a variation of heights for your desserts. Pick out a decorative plate to arrange a few cookies, then choose an elevated cake stand for a glamorous cake, or choose a clear bowl for surprise treats like French Macarons! Creating a variation of heights like this is what gives a dessert table that instant “wow” factor. Plus displaying each treat in a different way helps make each one its own special element to the overall finish. If you’re not sure where to start with laying out different heights, spend some time in a local party supply store. They are always stocked full of fun display items and are bound to get you inspired! Aim to find just one display piece you really love and then find complimentary pieces to go along with it! Just remember to stay on your theme or at least theme-adjacent ;) If you’re going for a rustic, outdoors theme for example, you can display a few macarons in mason jars along the table. Small details like this will seriously tie the table together and blow your guests away!

No matter the occasion or event, a well designed dessert table is a show stopping statement! This summer especially, don’t forget to craft your perfect dessert table for any Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Garden Party, brunch, or other get together! Is anyone else swamped with fun events like this all summer long? Send me tons of photos of all your dessert tables this event season using the #SOBestFriendsForFrosting hashtag. Can’t wait to see! :)

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