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Claire Turns 1


And I officially have a 1 year old!!! I still cannot wrap my heart around how Claire is officially a 1-year-old!  It feels like yesterday Charlie was shouting from the rooftops that I was pregnantand then sharing my baby shower with you…and then her nursery reveal!!! Time is flying by faster than I could ever imagine these days.


Isn’t it so weird that once a baby turns one, they are officially a toddler? I’m still going against the grain and calling her my baby.



Last week right before she turned 1, I had my friend Tra come over and do a sweet first birthday photo session. As we were going through the images and selecting favorites, it made me realize how important it was and how happy I am that I captured this new chapter. I never ended up doing a first birthday photoshoot for Charlie (so wish I did). I have to say that when we were looking through the images, it was almost as if I was seeing her through a completely different lens.


Remember this rocking horse unicorn for her nursery? SO incredible to (finally) see her officially old enough to enjoy this.




Mom friends, the first year sure does go by quickly… After many restless nights, lack of sleep and coasting through the giggles, We made it!

PS. Stay tuned for next week!  I will be sharing pictures of Claire’s first birthday cake.  I’ll give you a hint, MEOW! ;)

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