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OMG, this has to be one of the most exciting weeks in BFFF history!  After an amazing influencer conference at Pinterest, followed by selling out on our first product launch…  I am so excited to FINALLY share my FULL Home Office reveal with you guys!  I might be a little biased, but the Best Friends For Frosting “Claire” Desk is my favorite piece in the new office space! ;)  UPDATE 1/30/2019 THE CLAIRE DESK HAS BEEN SOLD OUT AND DISCONTINUED.  This office interior design reveal may be my favorite to date! I honestly don’t think I have ever been this excited about decorating a room or sharing the finished product on BFFF!  Our office is so bright and airy that it actually makes work peaceful. Plus since it’s my personal office, I got to add as much pink as my heart desired! ;) Spoiler alert: that means a LOT of pink! ;)

Why We Chose A Home Office Over A Commercial Office Space

Some of you might remember when I announced our commercial office location last year. It was so exciting, but I found myself not going to the office often enough. Shortly after we signed our office lease, we purchased our first home.  Our new house has 4 bedrooms so it only made sense to take the party back home… so here we are! ;) 

Designing My Home Office

Committing to an actual design for my home office was a complete struggle! I knew it would be one of my most used rooms in the house, so the interior design was very important! I wanted the office space to be beautiful, but functional, cozy, but professional, and ultimately be a place where I would love working. It was definitely a tall order for an office! I spent months going back and forth with different ideas and concepts. Then one day I just took the plunge with this pink gingham wallpaper. I’ve been eying the pink wallpaper on Spoonflower for a while, but the decision to order it was still pretty impulsive. The pink gingham wallpaper was just so gorgeous and I was just so ready to get cracking on the office design! Funnily enough, as soon as we got the wallpaper up, the rest of the interior design plan fell into place. I actually ordered the adhesive kind, so applying the wallpaper itself was super easy! I’ve put up a lottttt of wallpaper through the years, and let me tell you, adhesive wallpaper is the way to go! The application was painless and gave me extra time to focus on the decorations! It was only a few days after we’d finished hanging the wallpaper, that I stumbled across this pink rug. I was actually shopping for some accent pieces to add to Claire’s room, but found this beauty instead! It was like interior design fate ;)  It’s so comfortably soft and I love how it compliments the pink gingham of the wallpaper. With the wallpaper up and rug in place, I was pretty set on a home office design filled with soft pinks and gold accents. Totally surprising right? ;)

Where to Find a Custom Office Letter Sign

If you’re looking for stylish office letters, you have to check out CraftCuts. I wanted my home office to kind of mirror the BFFF headquarters in design and feel, and these letters were the perfect way to do that! I  can’t get enough of these letters! I love the brushed gold look and simple finish to the letters as a total statement piece for the office. Plus, during those late night/early morning work seshs, they’re a great reminder of just how far BFFF has come! :)

White Modern Desk

I am still over the moon that we completely SOLD OUT on the Claire Desk within minutes on the first day of launch. I honestly had NO idea what to expect as it was our first ever product launch. We are waiting for inventory to update so be sure to get on the waiting list with Boahaus to be the first to find out.  I love how the clean lines and the light color of the white desk keeps the office feeling bright and airy. The lack of drawer space was also a very intentional design for me! I know that sounds totally backwards, but a limited amount of hidden storage space forces you to keep things tidy. No more junk drawers or secret clutter! Instead I added a few small pieces to the desktop that were both functional and cute :)

Simple & Minimal Office

When it comes to my actual office, I like to keep things as neat and simple as possible. I just think it’s so, so important to have a peaceful office space that helps you stay organized and feel focused! Less is more! ;)

Modern Office Round Globe Lamp

One of my favorite pieces is this Kate Spade round globe White Lamp. I managed to snag it from HomeGoods for an amazing price of $39 and absolutely love it!  If you watch my Instagram stories regularly, you may have remembered when I went to every HomeGoods and Marshalls around the Sacramento area to find this exact lamp. With all the Kate Spade lamps they recently got in, I felt very hopeful. And I was right! After weeks of going to all of the stores, I FINALLY found one white version just sitting on the shelf waiting for me! ;)   I was especially excited about this deal because I had been obsessing over this Kate Spade Elsie Lamp for nearly four years, but couldn’t bring myself to spend $400 on it. Now I have a similar version for $39! It honestly made my whole entire year! ;)

Home Office Storage

Once I started picking pieces for my home office, I knew I had to been very mindful. The room itself is not huge, so I had to make sure that any major furniture purchases fit. The last thing I wanted was to take my home office from feeling comfortable, to cramped and tiny with massive furniture pieces! I even ordered a few bookcases, tables, and other pieces, but none of them fully worked. They were either way too big and crowded the room, or way too small and looked awkward and out of place. I was legitimately starting to feel like interior design Goldilocks, searching for the correctly sized storage piece. Then I finally managed to find this white cube shelf storage bookshelf.  I also chose a few amazing frames to display some of my favorite photos and prints. This beach print in particular is a great fit for the home office! The print is seriously one of my favorite pieces in the office, second only to the gold letters! ;)

Cube Organizer Office Storage

For storage, I bought these beige water hyacinth boxes to use for the bottom two rows of cubbies. I love how the storage boxes almost look like rattan! The boxes fit perfectly into the cubbies and have been a great way to stay organized! Now I know exactly where all of my office supplies are, which is a huge help in keeping everything clean and organized! :)

Gold Stylish Desk Organizer

This gold letter holder was a last minute find that ended up being such a pretty way to sort all of my mail and papers. I originally bought it from Target 2 years ago. Then of course I couldn’t help but feed my pineapple decor addiction with a gold Pineapple Paperclip Dish. It’s been a stylish way to stash all kinds of paper clips and binder clips!

It’s been SO much fun to finally be able to give you guys a peek into my new home office! I’m so happy to be finished and completely settled into the space!  The colors and aesthetic inspire me to a whole new level.  Stay tuned for more major BFFF home updates happening over the next few months. Next up is Charlie’s Coastal Mid Century Modern Bedroom.   I cannot wait to share it with each and every one of you!  Have an AMAZING weekend! 

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