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Back to School Party Ideas

If you’re looking for easy ways to kick off the back to school season, this is for you sister! Back to school is so much fun, and it can be celebrated in effortless ways, just by bringing some of your favorite pieces out of the closet. Use these ideas to get you in the back to school party mood!

apple banner

Back to School Supplies

I have been slowly but surely putting away all of my summer decor pieces and swapping them out for back to school theme – apples, pencils, globes and the list goes on. I am SO excited! Who’s with me?! I LOVE back to school decor, and it’s been so fun watching so many of my favorite stores slowly but surely treat back to school like its very own holiday. Both kids have been out of school all summer long. Claire keeps asking over and over to go back to preschool already, but Charlie says he doesn’t really want to hear me talk about back to school yet. ;) So Claire and I celebrated the back to school month with a little party of our own!

girl eating rice krispies

Back to School 

I had a cake stand from the dollar bin, a banner, and her favorite book, The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle! Celebrating the every day doesn’t always look like this for us. Over the years, I have bought so many decor pieces and used them just for photoshoots and big occasions. But not this year! This year, I promised myself I would bust out my favorite pieces just to celebrate the every day here and there. Do you have table clothes, cake stands, favorite plates, etc. sitting in a closet waiting for a “rainy day.”  Bust those pieces out sister! Pieces like these can elevate the every day to the next level and sprinkle extra joy in your own home!

Back to School Season

I had so much fun putting together this little party for Claire, and she loved it too! If you’re looking for simple ways to celebrate the back to school season, this is for you girlfriend! Grab some inspiration and get the party started!

Back to School Balloons

How cute are these Back to School Balloons? They’re so simple, but the kids would have so much fun taking photos with them! (via Design Improvised)

apple chalkboard

Back to School DIY

With just a red apple from the dollar bin and a paint pen, you can do a lot! This Back to School DIY is such a fun way to get the kids excited for the season! (viaBest Friends For Frosting)

back to school cake

Back to School Cake

How cute is this cake?! I can’t get over the details! This School Themed Cake would be so fun for a family back to school celebration! (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

kids sitting in chairs

Back to School Party

Throwing a back to school party doesn’t have to be complicated! Grab fun decorations for the dining room wall and make it all about celebrating the kids and making memories! (via Best Friends For Frosting)

back to school invitation

Party Invitations

Grab some paper and make these cute Back to School Party Invitations! Love the library inspired look! (via Project Nursery)

pencils in a cup

Back to School Garland

What a fun and easy way to decorate for a party! I can’t get over this Pencil Shaving Garland for a party! Throw the garland on the dining room wall, grab cupcakes, and you have a fun party! (via Handmade Charlotte)

How are you prepping for back to school in your house? Are you planning a party the night before school starts?! I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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