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Check out our *New* Recipe App

Are you ready to celebrate your life on the go? There’s an app for that! We are so proud and excited to announce that our recipe app in partnership with Foodie.com and Apple is live and available for free download on iPhones and iPads! The app is featured on the homepage of iTunes and can be downloaded by typing in “Foodie Recipes.” Once the app is downloaded, click “Editions” and “Chic Desserts” will be on the top right hand side. Now you’re ready to scope out delicious cocktails, warm baked goods that taste just as sweet as they look, and more!


The app includes some of our top chic dessert recipes by some of our contributors over the years. Each recipe photo lists the contributor’s name beneath it, so you just may find a new favorite foodie to follow! Just about everyone at BFFF was excited to dip into the app— the graphics were created by our graphic designer Meredith Carty, and our editor Molly Allen wrote all the excerpts. Too much fun! Grab a free download today and please feel free to shout it from the rooftops on your blog or social media if you find it a fit. We are all so excited for our readers to see our most stylish dessert picks ever! Check out some of the highlights below for a taste of the app. Happy recipe hunting!


Strawberry Basil Margaritas by Courtney of Cook Like a Champion


Melissa’s Snow Cone Cupcakes photographed by Eleakis and Elder Photograph


Pink Vanilla Cupcakes by Natasha Merchant 


Mocha Spice and Brown Butter Layer Cake by Tessa of Style Sweet


Cover photo // Milou & Olin Photography

Letter headshot // Brenda Bishart Photography

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