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DIY Dresser Makeover

Looking for some DIY furniture upcycle inspiration? If you’re planning on painting furniture, like maybe refreshing a dresser or chair, this is just for you!

DIY Paint Projects

Raise your hand if you’re due for a new DIY project in your house?! Right there with you sister! I’ve been so excited to share this easy idea with you! DIY projects don’t have to mean a crazy undertaking. It can literally be just as simple as updating a room or a piece of furniture with some paint! After posting Charlie’s nautical bedroom reveal last year, I have wanted to update his dresser and make it fit the room better. We used a pretty simple dresser at first, but it was definitely time for a face lift, and I wanted something to match the rest of the room. But searching for something to buy definitely can be hard, so we decided to paint it ourselves!

The Dresser Before I Upcycled It!

modern dresser

holding a paint can


Finding the Perfect Paint Color

It can be really hard to find the perfect paint color to match a room or other details within the space, which is why I was so excited we decided to look at The Home Depot. We’ve taken trips to The Home Depot for so many other projects lately, and it’s totally the go-to place to choose paint for whatever project you are doing. And they make it so easy to find the perfect paint, whether you get help from their ProjectColor™ App, their in-store color center with gorgeously curated pallets and trending colors, or their new online experience where you can edit a whole room with color! Seriously, it can be pretty scary to tackle these projects sometimes, especially if you have no idea how well it will turn out. But these tools will make you feel so much more confident in the project.

blue paint

modern dresser

blue paint

How to Paint a Dresser

I ended up using their ProjectColor™ App to find the perfect shade of paint for Charlie’s dresser, and it was so easy! You can get the app right on your phone and browse all the paint colors they have in-store. Plus, you are able to match the colors in the room you want to paint and see how a new color would look. I was literally able to “paint” the dresser in the app and know how it would look! It makes it so much easier to feel inspired to do these projects when you can see what it will actually turn out like when it’s done. And you can even match colors from Pinterest, which I love! Because if you know me, I use Pinterest a lot for inspiration for so many of my projects! So so fun!

blue paint dresser

PPG’S 2020 Color of the Year!

For Charlie’s room, the app was able to help us find the perfect shade of blue – PPG Interior Chinese Porcelain One-Color Paint with Primer  – to completely transform his beach room. I was already obsessed with the color, but then I found out it was the same exact blue that PPG named as the 2020 Color of the Year! I love the new rich blue color we found because of how great it looks with Charlie’s light blue grasscloth wall! It is crazy how one color change can make an entire room look complete!

blue dresser

How to Prep when Painting a Dresser

To paint the dresser, we made sure to lay down a paint cloth before going to town on this dresser! After removing all of the drawers, it was time to paint. We painted the whole exterior of the dresser, and then painted each of the drawers (minus the knobs!) separately. Once dry, we could put it all back together. So easy!  Here’s a quick list of supplies I picked up from The Home Depot: PPG Interior Chinese Porcelain One-Color Paint with PrimerGloves, Roller Frame, Roller Cover, Paint Brush, & Drop Cloth

straw pineapple

Dresser Makeover Ideas

The Home Depot makes it super easy to find the color that is perfect for whatever project you are working on. When trying to find the perfect blue for Charlie’s dresser, I came across SO many other colors that I want to work with! They really have inspired me to do some more DIY projects.

blue bedroom dresser

standing in front of dresser

blue dresser

standing in front of dresser


DIY Project Inspiration

There are so many color choices out there, so I am so lucky I found the perfect shade for Charlie’s dresser. I was starting to get worried I wouldn’t be able to find such a great color to go with his room, but The Home Depot app was exactly what I needed! Also, since it was so easy to use and I didn’t have to go searching for the paint from store to store, I had more free time to spend with the kids! That is such a win for me! What DIY project do you think paint will help you complete? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by The Home Depot, but all opinions are my own

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