Coastal Nautical Beach Room

Are you guys ready for another room reveal?! I feel like I have been promising to show you another completed room for forever, so I hope you’re ready! Seriously I have wanted to show you all the final photos of Charlie’s room for a while, but got totally sidetracked with our new project!  We actually just rolled out the new Heartfelt Success Podcast and I could not be more excited! The problem is, in all of that excitement, I had a hard time focusing on anything else. Anyone else get totally excitement distracted like that? ;) Anyways, things are finally wrapped up with Charlie’s room and I’m completely relieved! This room was definitely one of the harder rooms to design in the house so far, but I’m actually really satisfied with how it turned out. Seeing how happy and comfortable Charlie is in his new room makes it all so worth it! :)


Designing a Coastal Beach Room


It took me such a long time to come up with a theme for Charlie’s room! I honestly thought this room would be one of the easier ones to tackle, but boy was I wrong! Charlie is old enough now that I really wanted to include him and get his thoughts on what he wanted his room to look like. Of course any other boy moms out there can probably already guess that this idea was a total non-starter! At the beginning, Charlie had basically ZERO interest in the room design. Finally things fell into place one day when I dragged him shopping with me to look for pieces for the Airbnb. And I do mean dragging! He was not a happy camper!  At Target, we ended up in an aisle full of stuffed animals just to hopefully cheer up my grumpy shopping companion. ;)  He immediately went for this Octopus stuffed animal and it finally hit me! Charlie has always loved the water. Anything from lakes, creeks, pools, and beaches he is totally there! Who else remembers Charlie’s beach birthday party?   So just like that, I decided to play around with a nautical beach theme for Charlie’s room. Once I started finding pieces and bringing home accents, I finally got Charlie’s attention. ;) By the end of it all, he was helping me hang things on the wall and arrange the furniture. It was the cutest thing! This room was definitely a challenge, but at the end of the day, we ended up with something I think Charlie truly loves!

Finding Wallpaper and Furniture For Charlie

Whenever I design a room, I really like to start with the major furniture pieces.  I mean, it totally doesn’t happen like that every time, but it does make things easier in the long run! I promise! The first piece I found was something I already had in storage in our garage. It was these acorn Nightstands  from West Elm that we used to have in our bedroom.  Not only is the design super mid-century modern, but the white accent gave it a younger, lighter feel too. The previous owners left an original Mid Century modern dresser that we kept in Charlie’s room. I think it’s been here since the 60’s and we just love it. We ended up hanging blue grasscloth wallpaper to create an accent wall. It turned out so cute! It almost has a chambray wallpaper look to it.  I managed to pair that White Chair  with this cute pouf chair as well. Charlie is also a big reader, so I wanted to give him plenty of options to curl up in! Which speaking of, my little designer in the making, actually picked out this pouf for himself! It was totally on theme and everything. Look at those instincts! ;) But my absolute favorite find is this Headboard! It’s so sturdy and durable (perfect for a young boy) and completely nails the look we were going for. It’s really the piece that ties the whole coastal room together!

Nautical Themed Accents

Of course once all the furniture was picked out, the real fun started! Lucky for me and Charlie, nautical accessories are very easy to come by. ;) The first accent I found was this amazing porthole Mirror . Mirrors are one of my go-to additions to any room, and I love how this one looks just like a porthole window on a ship! Charlie was actually the one to find and pick out this beautiful Wooden Paddle  that we hung above his closet doors. When he found it, he actually carried it around the entire store by himself, so I knew we had to have it. ;) Then we just added the final touches around the room. The dresser was a great place for this white whale figurine and adorable boat too.   My mom bought this for Charlie so it’s extra special.  Plus I managed to sneak in another pineapple to this room as well. Mission accomplished! ;) It’s always so amazing of the difference that a few little accents can do to a room! We added only a few pieces here and there that room suddenly feels like the perfect room for Charlie! :)

Designing a Charlie’s room ended up being so much fun!  Designing a space he can enjoy made it all worth it in the end! Have any mom readers out there designed rooms for your kids? How did it go? I’m wrapping up Claire’s room as we speak, so any last minute tips would be a total lifesaver!

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