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DIY Pink & White Checkerboard

For those of you who saw the paint swatches on my Instagram story – I PROMISE we are working diligently on introducing new colors to BFFF! We are slowly but surely steering away from making this become the “pink and gold blog.”  ;) Even though I clearly love this color combination, I promise to carefully select the right opportunities to use it! When comparing paint swatches, I seriously could not visualize this any other way than in pink and gold. Even when thinking of pink and turquoise, as a checkerboard it felt too 80s-ish! You know what I mean?!

When I was little, and somewhat still to this day, Checkers has always been one of my favorite games! It’s easy to understand and simplistic. Charlie and I play it all the time – typically the original version – not the pink one! ;)

I have been obsessed with these gold heart stickers from Target for quite a while now. I thought this would be such a fun and EASY DIY project to incorporate them into. A little pink and white construction paper goes a long way!

How to make a pink and white checkerboard


White board

Pink cardstock

Rubber cement

Gold heart stickers


White spray paint

Gold spray paint


Step 1: Cut your 1″x1″ pink squares with your Cameo 3

Step 2: Using rubber cement attach the pink squares to your whiteboard in a checkerboard pattern

Step 3: Add your gold heart stickers to your pink squares

Step 4: Spray paint half of the checkers white and half gold

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