Girl’s Room Decor Ideas

We have been in a total interior design mode around here lately trying to pick out all of the room decor and home decor for our home renovations! As you know by now, our kitchen and my office are finally finished! (Don’t worry – full reveals to come!) With these rooms done, it is all finally starting to feel like home! Our next big project is designing Claire’s room. We just got the latest round of furniture delivered last week, so we’re ready to get started with the interior design of her room! I’m excited to get started on putting it together, but the whole process is still pretty stressful. Especially if you’re Type-A, but also wishy-washy like me, it can drive you up the wall a bit! I definitely won’t lie and say the whole interior design process is glamorous and easy going! Any interior design overhaul can be exhausting, but being able to design the room decor to your style and taste makes it all totally worth it!

My Favorite Decor for Claire’s Room

Can we talk about how cute these unicorn stuffed animals are?!  Since I’ve already finished designing my kitchen and the office, I’m definitely more in the interior design groove for the rest of the house. Even with a few rooms completed, I’m still surprised with how long this process takes. For Claire’s room, I’ve been carving out time on the weekends, nights, and during Claire’s nap time to work on the room’s design. But even with the extra time there still has been so much to do! I thought her room would be an easy one to design, but finding girl’s room decor is harder than I thought! I’ve only just now managed to narrow down the final picks for wallpaper and paint colors. At least now I get to move on to the fun part — picking out furniture and fun little accent decor pieces! I’m still wading through final fabric swatches and paint chips, but I wanted to take some time to share some updates! So I’ve rounded up some of my favorite finds for Claire’s room to share with you guys :)

Simple Pineapple Decor for all of your Interior Design

I really cannot get enough of pineapple decor lately! I started to realize that I’d been sneaking little pineapple accent pieces into almost every room in the house. ;) It adds such a whimsical touch to any room, without overpowering any of your other decor. It’s so perfect that I honestly can’t help myself. When I saw this white ceramic pineapple, I just knew it belonged in my house! I think the solid white color makes it a bit more modern too, so I just had to have it. I’ve been carving out the perfect spot for it in Claire’s bedroom, but might have to buy another one to add to my office ;) When I purchased it, I managed to snag the pineapple piece at half off for only $15, but you can also always use Hobby Lobby’s 40% off coupon on one item each week.

The Sweetest Unicorn Rocking Horse

This unicorn rocking horse is everything! When it comes to shopping for the kids’ room decor, I try to find pieces they can actually play with and use. It’s great to have fun pieces throughout the room that can actually double as toys. It makes the rooms more fun for the kids, and helps eliminate clutter for me – a win-win! :) That’s really why I love this Unicorn Rocking Horse for Claire’s bedroom. The rocking horse is one of my hands-down favorite finds of all time! I am seriously not exaggerating! A friend actually found it first at Pottery Barn Kids and told me about it. Claire wasn’t even born yet, but as soon as she showed me, I could already picture it in her room! I’m so glad I took the plunge early because it became an instant favorite for Claire as soon as she was old enough to ride it. It’s the sweetest gift to bring to a baby shower, a kid’s birthday party, or to just treat your daughter with!

Adorable Gingham Toy Box

I spotted this pink gingham toy box on one of my oh-too-regular trips to Home Goods. The gingham pattern and pink shades were so soft and sweet – perfect for Claire’s bedroom! The box was only $49, but I still decided not to buy it and walked out of the store without it. That ended up being a giant mistake because I spent the rest of the day and all night with some serious non-buyer’s remorse! The next day, I was the very first customer there when they opened. I was so lucky it was still there! When I talked to one of the girls who worked there, she was so surprised I had managed to get one! Apparently even with a variety of sizes and options, these gingham toy boxes fly off the shelves. I’m thrilled I went back to get it because it’s now a favorite of Claire’s and one of mine too! I just love the sweet look of the gingham pattern and now cleaning up all of her favorite toys is so easy. I am so sad I cannot find this exact box online but here are some of my favorite pink gingham room decor pieces- This pink gingham pillow is ONLY $11, Pink gingham lamp shade for only $16, gingham toy storage bins, and this light blue gingham pillow!

The Perfect Planter for any Room Decor

For Christmas two whole years ago, Andy’s grandma surprised us with this Case Study Planter from Modernica. She wanted to get us a surprise gift without resorting to a list and finally landed on the planter. We are so happy she did because we totally love it! I’m a huge fan of using plants for any and all room decor. With the right size, shape, and planter, plants bring the perfect, homey touch to your interior design. This planter is seriously no exception! It’s a great design to display any plant that works for your home. Plus the planter itself is made so incredibly well. With two kids and crazy lives, finding durable pieces is an absolute must for us! We’ve actually loved it so much that we’ve bought two more since then, and I can’t wait to add one to Claire’s bedroom!

A Pink Wall Art Print for any Girl’s Room Decor

This Pink Minted Wall Art Picture is the dreamiest shade of pink. Minted is usually my first stop to find the best stationary. I’ve used them for everything from Christmas cards to invitations for the kids’ parties. They honestly always have the greatest pieces and the cutest designs! I decided to branch out with Minted and that’s how I found this amazing print. Before I found this print, I had been struggling to find the best pieces to hang in Claire’s bedroom. I wanted to find items she would love now and for at least the next few years – no easy task! This print though is absolutely perfect for her room and for any girl’s room decor. We actually ended up purchasing several other prints that I’m working on incorporating throughout the rest of the house. Stay tuned for the updates because I can’t wait to share the rest with you guys!

Comfortable and Cute Loafers

I have been LIVING in these Old Navy pink loafers pretty much the entire time I’ve been working on Claire’s room! I’ve actually found myself just automatically reaching for them in the mornings when I get ready. I love how comfortable they are, so I’m totally ready to be on my feet all day and run through tons of home decor stores. Plus the look of the loafers and this amazing pink color, go with basically any outfit. I’m actually already planning on showing these off in the photoshoot of the room reveal for you guys! They are only $11 on sale or still only $21 during one of Old Navy’s famous 40% off sales! Be sure to keep an eye out for them and for the sale because they will definitely sell fast!  PS: Apparently last year they made these in gold but I am still unable to see that Old Navy has restocked them.

What are some of your favorite finds over the years? I always love to hear about the little treasures you guys stumble across :) And of course I would love to hear from any of you who have been through home renovations, interior design upgrades, or ever designed a girl’s room! Feel free to comment any tips on how to manage it or give me any advice on how to buy coping chocolate in bulk! ;)   Help!

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