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Home office organization is a must!  I’m super excited to share tips on how to stay organized with some of the best home office organization ideas you can easily incorporate right now. Today’s tips are about some of the best home organization ideas you will find.  I’ve learned there isn’t a set organization system or rules that will 100% work for everyone. ;) You totally have to learn what office organization tips work best for you! But with a few small steps incorporating new and improved home organization habits, you can easily stay on top of things and be an organization rock star! ;)

DIY Office Organization

This week I have been focusing all of my energy on home office organization. I’ve learned over time it’s most important to break your goals down into reasonable actionable steps. Recently I’ve found myself organizing everything under the sun. ;)  Easier said than done right?! I have to admit, more so recently I’ve felt really happy with how all of our home renovations are coming along, but I’ve been getting super antsy about finally getting my home office back in action. It just makes life so much easier when you have a central place to keep and work on everything. I guess my Type A is really coming out.

Office Organization For Less Stress

But honestly between being a wife, being a mamma to two small kids, running a BFFF, and all the rest of life’s little details, staying organized is NOT optional – it is an absolute must to get rid of the clutter and have a clear plan for home office organization or my head is spinning!   Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely days where it looks like a tornado blew through every room in my house, my car, and the bottom of my purse, but for the most part I really like to keep things in order. For me it’s always- inner chaos creates outer chaos so I have to keep things in check.

How to Get Organized

Over the years I’ve managed to create my own systems for keeping track of papers, forms, bills, records and everything else. It was no easy task, but now I have an entire system on how to be organized down to a science. Even still, I love chatting with girlfriends, other moms, and fellow bloggers to get any tips I can on keeping life in order! Not to mention, I love having new excuses to raid the office supplies aisle at Target ;) Seriously – accompanying me to any kind of store with cute office supplies is not for the faint of heart!

Handheld Label Maker / Plastic Labels / Table Top Label Maker /  Folders / Expandable File Box Folder

Office Organization Ideas – Tip #1

The first thing I absolutely recommend doing is finding a home for all of those important, but rarely used papers. Things like birth certificates, titles to your car, and other records. You know these papers are super essential, but you don’t need them out, cluttering up your desk all the time. The best thing that’s worked for me was to invest in a portable filing cabinet. This pink and white striped beauty has been one of my favorite buys!  I keep all of our important documents in this thing AND it’s cute enough to blend into my office decor.

DIY Home Office Organization – Tip #2

It only takes a few minutes to get your new filing system set up and then becomes the ultimate life saver! I simply divided out everything I needed to organize and then created specific folders for them. Personally, I like to keep everything separated so I made a folder for everything: both of the kids, Andy, me,  the cars, the house, etc. With separate tabs, you can quickly find what you’re looking for when you’re in a hurry and it keeps everything in its place. I also totally recommend making a folder for receipts! Receipts can be annoying to manage, but having a central place to keep receipts makes it much more doable. Looking for a receipt scanner organizer? If you’re more a virtual receipt hoarder, I highly recommend the app Expensify to scan in your receipts directly from your phone. Also Quickbooks has an AMAZING app that has a receipt scanner option.  The receipt scanner app automatically syncs each receipt up with the logged transaction

Ideas for Staying Organized – Tip #3

The heck with regular file cabinets! ;) I love to use portable filing cabinets for the important things you need to save, but for everything else I rely on individual folders. Well not just folders, but cute folders of course ;) Just because you’re organizing, doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style! It always cheers me up to be surrounded by plenty of folders with amazing colors and patterns, so why just not go for it? When I saw these adorable folders, I basically bought them in bulk! See, I told you: bank accounts beware when I get near the perfectly patterned set! ;)

Office Organization Ideas – Tip #4

For everyday items, I make a specific file folder and store those documents away.  For other papers that I access regularly, but maybe not every day, I store in a massive filing cabinet. This is mainly where I keep things for the business and for our personal and business taxes. Now would be the perfect time to set this up- just in time for taxes! Ugh, don’t get me started on taxes. ;)

Office Organization Tip #5

The most important part, and honestly the best part, of setting up these filing systems is making the labels ;) If you have not already invested in a label maker, then seriously stop what you’re doing and order one now! Life changing! I ordered this one a couple months back and now pretty much everything in my life has a label on it!  I told you, I am Type-A! ;) So okay, I might have gone overboard, but setting up folders with a label maker is sooooo much better. It makes everything so clean and tidy, plus if you need to change a folder’s title, making a new label is way easier than throwing it away, writing over it, or any other option! I absolutely recommend getting a label maker as soon as possible!

Home Office Organization> Join the Conversation

I would love to know what you guys do to stay organized at home! Are there any offie organization methods you can’t live without or absolutely swear by? Do you have any questions on how to get organized? Cheers to making 2018 a bit more organized, simplified, and less stressful! =)

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  1. Love this article! I am trying to get my office all set up and organized. I have so many folders and papers that all need a home!

  2. I was just thinking about how I NEED to do this.. There is nothing better than getting organized.

  3. You nailed it on describing the real thing in making yourself organized. First, examine yourself and check our surrounding how organized are you? Honestly, I was affected by the blog because being disorganized. Thank you for remind me what to do to make the home office organized.

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