Pink Pineapple Living Room

Welcome to my favorite living room in the whole world! :) I know that I should totally be saying that about my own living room, but have you seen this room?? ;) The soft pinks, the bright accents, and the feminine touches basically make this a dream living room, and I think my love for the room comes from my love for decorating it!   While I know I could never have pulled this off in my own home, I love that we were able to achieve this look at the#SOBestFriendsForFroasting Airbnb.  It’s been so much fun meeting so many of our readers.  The press  blew up much bigger than I had anticipated.  The home has been featured on Domino Magazine, Pinterest,  Lauren Conrad, SMP Living, Comstock Magazine, Good Day Sacramento. It was also featured published in print-  Martha Stewart Living, Sacramento Magazine, Sacramento Home  Magazine.  We also used the home to shoot our OxiClean Commerical!  It’s been a wild past few months, but I cannot express how thankful I am for this AMAZING online community I call home!

Living rooms can be a lot of pressure to style, but decorating this room was actually so much fun! I was able to go all out and style it in ways that I totally could not get away with at home. There’s only so much pink that Andy can handle in one room. ;) The final result is so beautifully bright, light, and airy that I basically never want to leave. I’ve been trying to convince Andy to let me replicate it at home, but that’s going to be a tough one to win. ;) Since I really put so much of my own personal style into this room, I wanted to specifically share a bit more about it with you guys! I know I’ve already shown you the full Airbnb, but I can’t help but to keep showing you pictures of this living room! Hopefully you enjoy them as much as I do! :)


Gorgeous Brick Fireplace

This fireplace is by far my favorite part of the living room and maybe even the entire house! I just can’t get enough of the details. The scalloped edging around the top is simple and beautiful, but the wood trimming sends it over the edge! Can you believe that this fireplace was already here in the house? Having a gorgeous fireplace like that made the whole room’s design much easier. I mean, seriously how could this not be the focal point, right? The understated elegance of the whole thing was definitely my inspiration for the entire room.

With an amazing fireplace already in this room, I basically started my design plan directly from it. Looking at the fireplace, I totally saw a cozy place to sit around and talk with close friends. So I immediately went on a hunt for the perfect chairs! I wanted two separate chairs that balanced each other out and brought out different details for the room. This wicker chair was the perfect first find. I actually managed to find it at a garage sale and knew I just had to snag it! I love how the wicker pairs with the brown detailing of the fireplace. Then this pink chair from Joybird was the best way to round out the whole area. Seriously how stunning is this pink chair? It’s the kind of chair you want to curl up in with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. Plus you guys know I am all for the beautiful blush pink color of it! ;)


The Chic Gray Couch

Finding a couch for the living room took FOREVER. No really, I’m pretty sure I sat on every couch in the Sacramento area. I felt like couch Goldilocks! ;) But finding this beautiful gray couch from CORT was like a dream come true! The light gray color was the perfect neutral tone to tie the room together and the style was exactly what I wanted. I completely adore the clean lines and modern style of this couch. Plus, with a few extra throw pillows, it was the perfect chic touch I wanted for this room.


Finishing accents

With just a few finishing accents, the room really came together! I pulled this wicker bookcase in to use in the living room to help complement the wicker chair and it worked out so well.  I also had a last minute impulse to add this gold bar cart. Truthfully, I had no plans or intention of adding a bar cart, but I found this one at Z Gallerie and it changed my mind entirely! The gold was perfect for the room and the rounded shape of the whole cart was so unique and fun.

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  1. It is such a beautifully styled space – I love the couch/cushion set up!

    Rebecca |

  2. I would love to purchase that gray sofa, if it’s in my budget for my small apartment! Adult pink wonderfully and appropriately displayed.
    How much for the sofa and where can I purchase?

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