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Dollhouse Furniture

Olivia’s Little World, a brand of Teamson, comes up a lot in the Mom Groups I belong to on social media. As I started searching through their products, I found so many stylish things that reminded me of Claire! Needless to say, we sort of started the holidays a little early over here. ;) Olivia’s
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Gingerbread House

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I have literally been singing that all morning – I cannot get it out of my head! For as long as I can remember, I have decorated a gingerbread house just about every holiday season. It makes me so happy! One of the most exciting memories about
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Winter Old Navy Jacket

Three weeks back, Old Navy had a site-wide 50% OFF sale, and I hit it hard! I ended up buying jackets, vests, pajamas and winter essentials for all 4 of us. We shop at Old Navy a lot as they have a Big & Tall section for Andy and Petite/Short for me (who would have
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