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Things to Do in Napa California

Looking for things to do in Napa? You’re in luck, Andy and I just returned from Napa, California, and I’ve been on my toes to share the re-cap with y’all! We don’t take kid-free vacations very much, so it was AMAZING to have an entire 2 days together to slow down and experience Napa. I
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How to Paint House Exterior

Exterior house paint isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when we all think of redecorating our house. However, exterior paint is so so important to complete the look of that perfectly styled home. We recently took on the task of painting the exterior of our house. Well, truth be told, Andy actually did
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Pink Champagne Cake

This Pink Champagne Cake Recipe is the perfect addition for your Valentine’s Day party! This cake recipe is bursting with pink champagne bubbles, strawberries, and a delicious Meringue Buttercream Frosting. All of your friends will be asking you for this amazing champagne cake recipe for their next girls’ night!     Best Valentine’s Cake Recipe
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