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Blueberry Panini

If you have been keeping up with my Instagram stories lately, then you probably know that I am completely OBSESSED with paninis right now. Over the past few months, our family hasn’t had enough spare time to cook big meals. Actually, full disclosure, our schedules the past few months have meant a lot of drive-thru
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Top 7 Hallmark Christmas Movies to Watch

We’ve OFFICIALLY pushed past Thanksgiving, and I am in FULL Christmas mode. This year, I made it my goal to have all of my Christmas shopping completely done early, but let me tell you, I totally failed to meet that goal. Usually I am cracking egg nog and blasting Christmas music the second Halloween passes
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Apple Pallet Party

Calling ALL of my apple obsessed BFFF readers! Can I count myself too?! We just wrapped up a weekend trip to Apple Hill in a little city called Placerville. It is one of my favorite places in the whole wide world. We had all things apple, from fudge to pie! Oh yeah, and Charlie caught a trout. It was the
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